Brawling Bear beers start with an assertive grain bill and each hop addition is carefully selected to create a well-rounded beer. Each beer recipe is carefully built to ensure that it not only represents the style, but is distinguishable from not only each Brawling Bear beer, but others in the craft beer market.



Blindside IPA

Just like an all action brawler, this India pale ale never disappoints. With its easy drinking maltiness supporting the citrusy hops and crisp finish, this IPA is a fan favorite.

Taste: Light malty sweetness, citrusy hops, a hint of pine

Mouthfeel: Medium Body



Alcohol Content: 6%

Bitterness Units: 45

Color: 5 SRM​​


The fight plan for this one is simple: master the fundamentals and fight within our identity. Inspired by German tradition and brewed for American lager lovers, Brawling Bear Lager is a crafty take on a classic German-style Helles.

Taste: Subtly sweet, crisp, refreshing

Mouthfeel: Medium Body



Alcohol Content: 5%

Bitterness Units: ---

Color: 4 SRM​​

India Pale Ale (IPA)

A malty, semi-bitterEast Coast Style India Pale Ale with sweet citrus hop flavors. The perfect one-two combo of malt and hops for the IPA bite without the over-the-top bitterness.


Aroma: Citrus and Floral

Taste: Moderately piney and a kiss of citrus with a sweet malty finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium Body



Alcohol Content: 7.3%

Bitterness Units: 63

Color: 6 SRM​​

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